Enjoy the variety of the Turkish fresh cuisine

Our aim is to pamper our guests with a kind of Turkish cuisine they haven’t experienced before. 

The Turkish cuisine unites various influences and therefore is very vivid and authentic. We interpret Turkish classics in a light and modern way by using first-class and fresh products. We order meat and fish of excellent quality, crispy vegetables and fruits, fresh herbs and spices to prepare our original and sophisticated dishes with Mediterranean character combined with a touch of oriental flair. We would like you to discover Turkish specialties by sharing our culinary skills with you in our open-plan kitchen. Take a look at our cooking pots and saucepans after having chosen some freshly caught fish from our display.

At lunchtime you can take a Mediterranean break from your working life and enjoy a light dish from our daily changing lunches.

Fresh fish is our specialty

Fischspezialitäten im tablo

Because we only accept fresh products of superior quality we simply take the best.
You can see and select our daily changing fish dishes in our cooled display. We will create the finest dishes with our freshly caught delicacies of gilthead, turbot, loup de mer and tuna along with a light salad and vegetables. You will be enthusiastic!